Our efforts to ensure our website is Accessible to all

The City of Bath YMCA website has been designed very much with accessibility issues in mind, our aim being to ensure that all our users can view what we have to offer, regardless of differing abilities or technologies used to access it.

Cross browser compatibility

Our website has been tested for compatibility with the following browsers : Internet Explorer v 6.x +, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

Although some of the above mentioned browsers may display things slightly differently from one another, these changes are merely cosmetic and will not hinder the usability in any way.

Accessibility Laws

Our website has been tested against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and we are confident that it meets at least the minimum requirements (Priority 1) as well as the majority of Priority 2 & 3.

Scripts and Plugins

The use of client-side scripts in this site (e.g. Javascript) has been kept to a cosmetic nature, therefore any users who have scripting capabilities disabled will still be able to access our website without any problems whatsoever.


All images used on this site have ALT tags in order to provide an appropriate description of the image (or function behind it, in the case of images used as links), again, for those visitors with visibility difficulties or have graphics switched off on their browsers.

Page Layouts, Text and other Styles

The overall layout for pages on this site is created in valid XHTML and uses DIVs rather that tables to control positioning of elements.

External CSS stylesheets are used to control the overall layout of the page and the text styles throughout, including colouring and positioning.If stylesheets are disabled in the browser, pages are still readable and fully functional.
All pages are 'in-line', no 'pop-up' windows are ever spawned, and any further windows are only opened on user request.

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