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EVS is short for ‘European voluntary service’. It is a free programme funded by the European Union which sends volunteers from one European country to spend time working in a not-for-profit organisation in another country.

It is open to young people between the ages of 18-30 and living legally in the EU. It doesn’t cost anything to take part – so you don’t need to have loads of money!

You can basically end up anywhere in the world and your travel costs are paid for. You could end up working with school children in Greece or on a building project in Kenya, or maintaining forests, or in a YMCA somewhere in the world – there are so many projects!

You will be expected to work for about 30 hours a week on your chosen project. You agree specific tasks and terms in advance with your host organisation. It usually lasts from anywhere between 2 and 12 months – but you can only take part once so most people opt for a longer stay.

To take part you need to find a Sending Organisation and a Project to go to. The best way to do this in going on the internet. We have listed some links that may be of interest to you below.

At YMCA Bath Group we host approximately 3 EVS volunteers every year, usually for 12 months. The main focus of the work we can offer them is with children and young people, working in our nurseries, extended school activities and community programmes.

Volunteers receive accommodation at our main site in the centre of Bath and they also receive pocket money.

YMCA Bath Group will be looking to receive applications for our 2017 project, starting in September 2017 and lasting for one year, between July and October 2016.  If you are interested in applying please email with your cv, motivation letter, covering email and details of your sending organisation.



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