More and more young people in Bristol don’t have a safe place to stay, and are unable to access the existing accommodation services.

The reasons for a young person becoming homeless are complex and traumatic.  It might be the breakdown of relationships in a family, abusive home situations or the sudden loss of a job.  It could be that several things happen at once, and create a tipping point where a young person can no longer cope – they need to get away from where they are living.

This all happens quickly, and when it does, without good support structures in place, the young person can find themselves with no where to go.  They are vulnerable.  Statutory services will only step in if the young person in question can satisfy the criteria for being deemed a “priority need”, and this threshold is getting higher and higher.

Even if they do meet these criteria it may take days or sometimes weeks to gather the evidence to make the case.  In the meantime, the young person is left with uncertainty about there future, causing high levels of stress with potentially long term consequences.

And of course, this is on top of the stress and trauma they have already faced which led them to be homeless.